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Game for Couples LOOPY - Perfect Couples Gifts

Game for Couples LOOPY - Perfect Couples Gifts

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Spice Up Your Relationship

Tired of boring evenings in front of the TV, do not know how to spend your evening with your loved ones?

Board game does not sound very exciting, ha? Then you do not have the right sort of board games. 

And so here comes couples game Loopy

Loopy really comes in handy in different situations, such as nights at home when the power is out, or when you just want to throw in a bit of levity and excitement into your relationship.

So set the mood in your house with some music, perhaps light a few candles and open up the box to begin.

Surprise your loved one with our couples board game and make some brand new memories together

This game is great for creating emotional and physical contact, awaking all 5 senses, and spicing up your relationship. Using the gaming form, it is really easy to open yourself for a man, as well as a woman.

This couples game offers you new love experiences, unlocks all your complexes and doubts, and opens your mind to the relationship of the highest level.

Quick Rules Overview

The game set consists of the game board with an arrow, 150 cards, rules, and a blindfold.

You can choose how far you are willing to go by selecting the appropriate level.

There are four of them: TALKS, KISSES, FONDLES, FUN ACTIVITIES, and a special bonus deck. You can always level up if feel like doing it.

A luxury silk strip is included for reaching new edges of emotions. Get blindfolded and trust your inner feelings. Or tie your partner's hands, right now you have control over him or her.

In addition, you will be totally pleased with our creative design, different themes of playing cards, and high-quality material of all components.

You will like it, even if you lose. So click add to cart right now and start this intriguing adventure with your loved ones.

  • GAME FOR COUPLES - The hot and juicy Loopy Game for Couples will make tonight different from all the other nights. This naughty game will have both of you learning, laughing, and loving each other
  • 150 PLAYING CARDS - Set includes cards with playing board and all necessary instructions. Just spin the arrow, choose the card, and let the game begin. Moreover, you will get one incredible bonus – a satin blindfold, which definitely will not let you get bored
  • STRAIGHTEN YOUR CONNECTION - The best opportunity to know each other better and to enjoy new impression: provoking questions and creative tasks that allow you to discover the soul and the body of your partner
  • SPICE UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP - This game for couples will add some heat and vivid emotions to the life of your pair, fire up new desires and show you unusual and spontaneous ways to please and be pleased
  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY COUPLE - This game for couples might bring the two of you closer than ever before. Perhaps, you will discover something about yourself you never knew! Funny romantic therapy game
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