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Welcome on Board! Games Board!

If you are looking for a big dose of fun, you are in the right place. Is anything more important than fun and generous smile in your life? We believe this is the foundation for our happiness and harmonious life.
We offer an excellent and easy ideas to enhance the quality of time and even life with your partner. Our card games are the source of positive entertainment and new incredible emotions in your couple, family and the group of friends. It’s an awesome way to look into eyes of someone you love and get known each other better, to laugh and do some crazy things and pranks with your friends, to improve you imagination and creativity.
Now we invite you to join our fun-loving fellowship and bring some joy to the people around you with live chat, laughing, provocative questions and playful challenges.
Loopy Game for Couples, Loopy Conversation Starter, Party Game and Drinking Game Brave or Drunk, Family Game Cocky Coach - these card games will add positive vibes and fun, coach or teach you something new, and will improve relations. These are the Card Games you Must Have!

Our games will be perfect gift ideas for many occasions, like marriage anniversary, wedding, birthday, and any holiday. Surprise your friends, family members, and your special someone!

Breathe new life into your relationships and have fun together! 

Andrew and Ruslan, Funday Monday Co-owners