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Cocky Coach Family Games for Kids and Adults

Cocky Coach Family Games for Kids and Adults

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If you’ve started reading this, then congratulations. You’re not as big of a failure as we thought!

Because no one else was smart enough to do so, we have come up with a family game for kids and adults Cocky Coach that tests your ability to respond to and interpret verbal attacks.

Cocky Coach is a game where you and your kids have to use the brain (a foreign concept to you, we know) to come up with clever and interesting joke combinations.
Because most of you don’t actually understand sarcasm or basically any type of humor that comes in a form other than a knock-knock joke, you and your kids won’t only have fun playing this game.
You’ll also be getting some much-needed practice

With Cocky Coach, everybody in your family will find the fun in dissing people and knowing exactly what to say back to someone who is being a moron

Cocky Coach consists of a pack of 100 story cards, 25 cocky cards, and the rules.
Here is how the game works:
- Choose a starting player
- Take the top card from the Story pile and read it out loud – this is the statement card
- Take the top card from the Cocky pile and read that aloud as well – this is the conditions card
- Then, within a minute, everyone has to come up with their own joke that will mangle the statement from the Story card according to the condition presented by the Cocky card

Are you keeping up?

- The starting player chooses the best joke thereof and rewards the winner with that round’s Cocky card
- Then, repeat the cycle
- The person with the most Cocky cards wins the game and can be titled the biggest a-hole out of all their friends

Clearly, no other board or card game compares, and it’s baffling why you don’t own Cocky Coach yet.

Perfect to take to a friend’s house (again, bold of us to assume that you have any), a family occasion or holiday, gift

  • FAMILY GAMES FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - This card game is about having fun and testing the limits of how far people will find something funny before they get offended. Test the boundaries and become good at throwing banter and verbal taunts back at some losers
  • DO I NEED THIS FAMILY CARD GAMES? - You know what the smart choice is (you need it, duh). Play and practice with your kids, friends, your kid’s friends..Become witty, smart and creative. Eventually, Unlock Your Humor Potential
  • WHAT’S INSIDE - In condensed language: you get a pack of 100 story cards and 25 cocky cards. There are also the rules in case what comes next goes over your head
  • GRAB FRIENDS OR FAMILY MEMBERS - The maximum is 8 - but let’s be honest..There’s no way you have so many people that want to spend time with you. Fortunately, you need at least three players
  • HOW IT WORKS - You sit around compiling the best possible joke combinations that need to be witty, sarcastic, rude, and all-round nasty. Then, if you win that round, you get to keep a cocky card. If you have the most cocky cards, you win – easy
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