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Brave or Drunk - Adult Party Game

Brave or Drunk - Adult Party Game

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Brave or Drnk
Have your meetings and parties with friends become monotonous: sit, talk, and go home? Relax and go wild with unusual ideas you’ll encounter playing Brave or Drnk! This game is the superhero of every party!

Easy rules
The rules of this party game are easy, but the tasks are challenging and unique. Everyone here? Ready? Then what are you waiting for!? Draw a card and let’s see what happens next!

Unique tasks
Brave or Drnk won’t ask you to crow three times or jump on one leg - that’s so last decade! Can you act like fried bacon, withstand a slap from your friend, or dance twerk? So what if there are people around - the excitement of the game will do its job

This Card Game is a Party King
Bring some variety and adrenaline into your life: there are 220 cards in this game, each with unpredictable content. Rock the party with this new party game! Not only is the admiration of your friends waiting for you, but also:
1.A fun and unusual evening - turn your gathering of friends into one big provocation, where everyone can show their true selves. Are you a cool guy or girl or a LOSER?
2.Show who is the party king in your company of friends! This game will cause crazy excitement and tons of emotions, and the gratitude for it will all go to you!
3.Sarcasm without limits! Do you like humor, pranks, and teasing friends? Then this game will do it for you!

Enjoy a positive mood, because life is a good thing!
  • 🔥  DRINKING GAME FOR PARTY WITH 220 CARDS. This drinking game for party is jam-jar packed with hilarious dares, terrible humor, unpredictable pranks, and absurd tasks. For a party of 3 or a crowd of 16, you can use Brave of Drunk to turn your night into a riot
  • 🤪 THIS ISN'T YOUR GRANDFATHER'S DRINKING GAME FOR PARTY. No dud cards, no lame dares, and no opt-outs. This adult drinking game for party will turn your night out into a story for the ages. You’re in for a night of craziness, creativity, and downright absurd dares
  • 🏆 HOW TO WIN THIS THING? Players draw a card from the deck and make their choice. Are you brave enough to do the dare, or will you take a drink instead? The more dares you complete, the more points you score. The brave soul with the most points wins the game and drinks for free. Drinking game for party with a result!
  • 🍻 WHEN CAN I TAKE A BREAK? When you complete your dare, you get to pull a Time To Take A Break card that gives you such game bonuses like taking a break, choosing a player that will drink or perform a task instead of you, going to the toilet, etc. If somebody pulls Time To Get Drunk cards, all players drink
  • 🥳 MORE THAN JUST A DRINKING GAME FOR PARTY. Our Brave or Drunk cards are a fantastic gift for the party animals in your life. It’s also a fun way to make memories, new friends, and an absolute fool of yourself. Get yours today and make your next party one for the books
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