Your portion of great emotions-Funday Monday

Your portion of great emotions

What do you know about adult games for parties? Have you ever played any of them? By the way, it does not matter because now it is time to change your view about the party games at all. You have a chance to have the best party ever and the only entertainment you need is an exciting drinking board game. Looking for the best drinking game can become a real trial of your nerves because nowadays there are thousands of them. To avoid all of these troubles Funday Monday suggests you get your portion of great emotions in one box (and even at a pleasant discount). And the name of this mystery box is “Brave or Drunk”.

Fun party game

“Brave or Drunk” is a completely new drinking game for having fun with your friends. The game for drinking consists of cards and you do need any accessory stuff to play it. However, the only things you need to have an unforgettable party (or maybe ‘hard to recollect the moments’ party for someone) are various drinks, adventurous friends, and a cheerful mood. You do not need even any special place because you can play this party game everywhere you want. In addition, the rules of the game are too simple, so you can start you playing it almost at once. Let`s know a little bit more about them!

The pleasant benefit is simple rules

One of the other pleasant benefits of this drinking card game for adults` parties is that you do not need to keep in mind complicated rules to play it. Due to the rules, the only thing you have to do is to choose the card and complete the task. There is 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards, so it is your chance to complete most of the hardest of them and prove that you are the bravest one. The hardest dares are difficult to deal with but you can score the highest amount of points and win the game. There are 4 difficulty levels and you are at liberty to choose any of them. However, be careful! The dares will be the funniest, trickiest, most provocative, and ridiculous things in your life. If you are ready for testing your courage with your friend, this crazy drinking game is a great idea for your company.

Alternative for having a rest

If you think that you can get drunk quickly here is an amazing alternative for you. Funday Monday also added 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards are your opportunity to take part in playing the card game but avoid drinking. You can use them for having a rest, although the most exciting and challenging tasks only on the ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards. Moreover, you cannot score any points while using one of these 50 cards. Besides, you can continue completing dares from the drinking cards easily after a while.

The best prize for a winner

Besides, to make the process of playing this card drinking game you can choose the best prize for a winner in advance. Funday Monday admits drinks for free can become a fascinating present. However, you can advise your friends and choose the best prize for your winner by yourselves.

And before getting the best drinking game ever the only thing you have to do is to order it and wait for your box of fun!

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