The drinking game for common memories-Funday Monday

The drinking game for common memories

The best way for creating common memories with your friends is getting fun and spending a lot of time together or having different parties. However, your common leisure time has to be the most exciting and memorable one. To achieve this aim you have just to find interesting entertainment for your company. The best party idea for adults is to choose one of the thousands of drinking games for parties. Nevertheless, if it seems to a difficult task here is a solution for you. Funday Monday suggests you play one of the best drinking games adults. It is a card drinking game and its name is “Brave or Drunk”. And here are some information about the game to make you sure that this drinking party game will become the best activity for your every party.

Entertainment for your leisure time

“Brave or Drunk” is an exciting card game, which can help you to entertain your friends, spend a great time with them. Moreover, it is your opportunity to have a rest for all your daily household duties or forget about work troubles and so on. The rules of this game for drinking are too simple so you do need to put any effort to learn them. It is a great benefit for you because you do not have to care about the rules, so you can start enjoying playing the game at once. Except for the simplest rules this fun card game has such advantages as interesting and unusual tasks, pretty design, and a complete package. That means everything necessary is already in the box of the game, so you can start your game as soon as you get it.

Simple rules but hard tasks

However, do not think that simple rules mean simple tasks. Due to this party game`s rules, your only task is to take one of 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards and complete its dares. Nevertheless, these drinking cards have so many insane, ridiculous, fun, and unusual dare that it will not be so easy for you to deal with them. This dare card game demand all your bravery to complete at least the first difficulty level tasks. Despite there are 4 of them. The card game for drinking can easily check your and your friends’ courage level and show who is the bravest of you. So if you are adventurous enough to perform a twerk dance, drink a shot like a dog or even break your credit card, this do or drink card game will become the best party idea for you.

A prize for your courage

Except for the pleasant emotions, insane party, and crazy tasks you can also get a prize for your courage. To win this card game adults you need just to be brave enough and deal with the hardest, funniest, and maddest the fourth difficulty level dares. Why it is so? Well, the only way to achieve victory is to score the highest amount of points. And you can do it only due to the hardest tasks. Because the number of the difficulty level is equal to the number of points you score. Are you still you that these cards to get you drunk are feasible to you?

Avoid drinking with special cards

Besides, there is also 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards include the tasks, which allow you to avoid drinking or even choose the player who will complete the crazy dare instead of you. However, keep in mind that you score no points for these tasks, so do not dally and come back to the ‘Time to Be Brave’ dares.

Finally, the only way to check your courage is to order the drinking game and try it with your friends!

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