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The best way to warm up the relationships is created

Nowadays people try to find the proper way to warm up their relationships, but they usually cannot find the best one to do it. We have many different entertainments, but most of them do not concern with relationships at all. Besides, many games are connected with relationships, but they tire too quickly. Therefore, to solve this problem and to help thousands of couples, Funday Monday decided to create an amazing card game for couples and the name of it is “Loopy”.

Main special aspects of “Loopy” game

“Loopy” has many significant differences and here are some of them. First, during the game, you do not need any other stuff, because everything necessary is already in the box. The only thing you have to prepare is a place, where is nobody will disquiet you and your partner, and a romantic atmosphere to make the game not only useful for your relationships but pleasant, too. Secondly, the rules are simple enough, so you will not spend too much time to learn them, but start to play it almost at once. By the way, the rules are in the box, so you can use them as soon as you need them. Last but not the least, the main difference of this couple card game is that it helps not just to warm up your relationships, but also to get to know each other much better. 

Pleasant staff is added

The box of “Loopy” includes 150 playing cards with various tasks and they are divided into 4 groups: are ‘Kisses’, ‘Talks’, ‘Fun activities’, ‘Fondles’ and there is one another group with mystery special bonus. Moreover, there is a playing board with an arrow and two satin blindfolds. All the stuff is added to make your game more exciting and unpredictable.

“Loopy” is a communication

 As it has been already mentioned, “Loopy” helps to return the passion into your relationships, but also to know more about your partner. This bedroom game for couples makes you communicate with each other and everybody knows that communication is one of the most important parts of relationships at all. Be ready to discover the most unexpected, but mostly pleasant things about your partner. Therefore, “Loopy” is not only about sex but also about the emotional connection between both of you. In addition, “Loopy” teaches you to think about your partner’s enjoyment and feelings and not about yours only.

Applicable to everyone

Finally, another advantage of this game for couples to play is that it is suitable for every couple with no exceptions. For a newly made couple “Loopy” game is a great idea for a date, for a just married couple, it can become an exciting entertainment during the honeymoon and for those who are married for a few years the game is ready to bring some new experience into their lives. By the way, for all of them “Loopy” game will help to create unforgettable memories together and it is the best way to keep warm and even spicy relationships for many years.

So if you want to improve your relationships, do not waste your time and become the proud owner of the “Loopy” game.

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