The best one of drinking games-Funday Monday

The best one of drinking games

Have you ever been interested in drinking games at all? If you have not, this is your chance to know more about the best of them. This game is “Brave or Drunk” and it was created by Funday Monday. The creators decided to combine the main party entertainments and invented an exciting activity game for adults. This game includes simplicity, drinking, having fun together, and very much more. And here is your ability to know about this game for drinking.

Box of ideas

At first, you can think that “Brave or Drunk” is a regular do or drink game but you are wrong. During the usual version of this game, you have to create the tasks by yourself and waste a lot of time on them. Moreover, the players usually run out of ideas soon and the game becomes too boring. Nevertheless, the creators of “Brave or Drunk” have taken care of that and suggest you a box of ideas of the most insane tasks to do. And of course, these tasks are connected with drinking what will make the process of completing them the most ludicrous one.

Crazy cards

The box of “Brave or Drunk” consists of 220 drinking cards. All you need to play this dare card game is to take one of 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards and complete the task. It sounds easy but be ready that these cards will make you do the strangest, craziest and funniest things in your life. Are you sure that you can easily record a story for Instagram and burp in it or drink from two glasses at the same time? This card drinking game is ready to check your and your friends' courage and craziness. Do not forget that the cards are divided into 4 levels of difficulty so you can recognize your level of insanity. Funday Monday also has found a great way to make everyone complete the hardest tasks. During playing this crazy drinking game you can score points. The higher the level of difficulty, the more points you get. And at the end of the game, everyone has to count their points to decide on the winner. The winner of the game can get drinks for free or something else for his or her courage and staying power.

The solution of staying till the end

Another difference from the regular dare card games is 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards are the best solution for those, who do not want to draw away but they also cannot drink anymore. For this reason here are 50 cards that allow you to stay in play and having a rest from drinking. Nevertheless, these cards give you no points so they cannot help you to win.

For friends and family

“Brave or Drunk” is a great choice for every party. Nevertheless, it can be not just a drinking game for parties. It also can become a fun family drinking game. This game is your opportunity to spend an exciting and happy time with your family, to know more about each other and get unforgettable common memories. This drinking game for adults can team up everybody easily!

The best choice for the next party

Well, “Brave or Drunk” is always a good idea for your leisure time with family or friends. the last thing you have to do to get your portion of emotions is buying this game for drinking. Hurry up to take it for your next party!

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