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The best of thousands game for couple

There are thousands of different types of board and card games. Their main aim is to join people and to allow them to spend more time together. By the way, it is usually too hard to find the best one, especially when it comes to board games for couples. For these reason, Funday Monday decided to invent “Loopy” game for adults, who would like to have common leisure time and to spend it advantageously. 

Main advantages

“Loopy” is a distinctive game. It has many differences from accustomed adult board games for couples. First advantage is that “Loopy” game is aimed exactly to the relationships and allows getting to know your partner, to communicate to each other, to spice up your long-term relationships and to try something unusual, but very interesting. Second advantage is simple rules and easy game. It helps to focus on each other more quickly and not to abstract your attention from your partner. Another advantage is that “Loopy” does not include sexual activities only, but also can become a great start for your communication that will help you to stay together during the whole life.  

You, your partner and 150 tasks to do

The rules of “Loopy” are too simple and they do not need too much time to learn them. All you have to do is to choose the card and to do the task, which is written on it. There are 150 cards, which are divided into 4 groups and it allows you to choose, what you would like to do most of all. These groups are ‘Kisses’, ‘Talks’, ‘Fun activities’, ‘Fondles’ and also a special bonus is added. All you need to do is to take the card and to complete the task. By the way, do not forget that you have also to pay attention to your partner’s actions to understand him or her better.

Stuff for the hottest game

To make your game much more interesting and exciting, Funday Monday also decided to add a playing board with an arrow and two satin blindfolds. This stuff is appended to spice up your relationships, so your imagination and wishes will help you to use them the proper way. Besides, you can use it not during playing “Loopy” only.

Useful present for both of you

Moreover, sometimes you have no idea about the present for your partner. By the way, you can give the best board game for couples as a present for him or her. “Loopy” may become an excellent present and here are some weighty reasons of that. First, it will be the most unexpected present and it can become something special for both of you. “Loopy” is not only an unusual gift, but also it is helpful for your couple. This way you can show an interest on your relationships and wish to improve them.

Play together and stay together 

It is important to mention, that most of couples break up with each other exactly because of lack of common leisure, incomprehension and lack of pleasant memories. “Loopy” is invented to put an end to it and to allow people to stay together and to love each other more and more day by day. So do not miss your chance to save your relationships during the whole life and try “Loopy” game.

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