The best game for your family-Funday Monday

The best game for your family

Nowadays to spend time with your family, kids or friends you do not need to waste time looking for any exciting entertainment. There are many entertainment parks or shopping malls with different amusement rides for children. However, if you decide to spend your weekends at home you can easily order any family game and play it together. The only problem is to choose the best game for family and make your common leisure time interesting both for kids and for adults. Nevertheless, to save your time Funday Monday suggests you and your family play the best card game. The name of this game is “Cocky Coach”. And now you can get to know more about it.

“Cocky Coach’s” advantages 

“Cocky Coach” has many advantages and here are some of them. First, this family card game for kids and adults is ready to bring you a lot of fun and get you to know more about your joke-creating skills. Because during the game you have to make the funniest and the most exciting jokes. Nevertheless, you will know more about the rules a bit later. The second advantage of “Cocky Coach” is that it is a great way to get closer to every member of your family. This card game for families helps you to make your family time interesting for everyone and useful for your family relationships. 

The rules time

Do not worry, the rules are too easy, so they will not take much of your time to learn. Moreover, you do not need any accessories to be prepared. Just take at least 3 members of your family or friends who would like to spend a fascinating evening and check their creativity in creating jokes and funny stories. However, you can gather the company up to 8 players only. The pack of “Cocky Coach” consists of 125 playing cards. 100 of them are story cards. These cards include 4 different topics, which suggest you 4 different beginnings of the stories. Your task is to them to the funniest jokes. 25 cocky cards make you use the special feature of the joke (cruel or tender, funny or disgusting, and so on). That is all you need to know about the “Cocky Coach” rules, although if you do not understand something, you can read the rules, which are also in the box of the family card game.

Joke skills

Apart from all the benefits, you have already read, you also have to know that this fun game for the family helps you not only to vary your family leisure time but also to improve your skill in creating jokes and tricky answers for other`s jokes, creativity, imagination, ability to find the best way from different dialogs and situations. Moreover, due to the quarantine, “Cocky Coach” will become the best family game for kids and adults. It will bring a lot of common memories and funny stories for every member of your family.

The last thing to do

The last thing you have to do before start playing “Cocky Coach” is to get the card game. Only one action and your portion of jokes are ready to change your usual leisure time. Do not miss a minute and order this fun family game for your family and friends!
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