The best entertainment for college parties-Funday Monday

The best entertainment for college parties

How do you spend time with your college friends apart from doing your homework together? How often do you have parties and what is your favorite entertainment? If you do not have common parties with your classmates at all, you are just wasting your best years in college. However, you can still change everything and create many unforgettable memories of your studentship. You only need to gather all the students who would like to spend a great time, have a rest from boring classes and endless home tasks, and find an exciting game for parties. However, do not feel down if you have no ideas about any fun party games at all. Funday Monday has already taken care of you and created the best game for college students. Its name is “Brave or Drunk” and even its name means something cool and exciting.

An exciting time and new friends

Among all the college drinking games, this card drinking game is the best one because of some reasons. First, “Brave or Drunk’s simple rules allow you to save your time and avoid learning them. It is useful if you do not want to spend your party evening just checking out the rules. Second, the only thing you have to buy is drinks because everything necessary for playing this fun card game is already in the box. However, you need nothing except for the drinking cards. Third, it is your best opportunity to spend an exciting and memorable time with your college friends and other students. Because from 3 up to 16 players can participate at the same time. That is why you can easily make some new friends. And last but not least is that this fun card game cannot tire at all because of its crazy tasks and funny dares.

The craziest dares for the bravest players

If you are too interested in the rules, you can check out them right now. Your task is to pick one of 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards with the dares and complete it. This drinking game for college could be the easiest if only the brave or drunk game dares were not the maddest, funniest, most insane, and ridiculous games ever. Every dare demands all your or your friends` courage to deal with it. Moreover, they can easily check your bravery and define the bravest and most adventurous of you. Besides, there are 4 difficulty levels, and each of them full of unpredictable tasks. So if you are ready for the greatest college party ever, this card drinking game for adults will become the best entertainment for all of you.

Check your courage and get a prize

This cool drinking game is not only your opportunity to check your courage but also to have a great competition with your friends for the prize. To win this party game you have to be the bravest one and complete the hardest tasks. Because the number of the difficulty level is equal to the number of points that you can get. And the more points you get, the closer to victory you are. 

Have a rest while playing the game

However, if you are tired of continual drinking you can avail of one of 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards are quite the opposite of the drinking cards because they include no cards to get you drunk at all. Furthermore, they allow you to go to the toilet or make the other player perform your task. However, they do not bring you any scores, so it is better to come back to the ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards as soon as it is possible.

So if you are interested in spending the funniest time ever with your college friends and create common incredible memories this game for college students is your best chance to realize it. Besides, hurry up and take your chance to buy it at a discount!

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