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Rest and entertainment

The best way to spend your weekends is to have a rest with them. However, to make your common leisure time exciting, interesting and memorable for all of you, you have to decide about the best entertainment for your company. Among different kinds of them, the greatest idea is to choose one of the popular games for adults. Many of them have already become the best drinking activities for every adult party. If you do not know a lot about card games for adults and it is hard for you to find the proper one, Funday Monday is ready to help you to make a decision. Their crew suggests you play “Brave or Drunk” and spend the best weekends ever. 


Box of tasks and emotions

Why should you choose particularly the card drinking game? Well, card game for adults is a great opportunity for everyone to forget about their phones and pay more attention for playing and having fun. When it comes to “Brave or Drunk”, be ready to get a box of 220 the most unusual and interesting tasks and unforgettable emotions. Except for the other fun card games, this one does not demand any accessory stuff or a special place to play it. Just gather your friends and be ready with the drinks. Furthermore, there is another pleasant benefit of this game for adults and it is the simplest rules ever. They are too easy to learn them so you can start the game almost at once. And last but not least is that you can play this fun party game with up to 16 of your friends at once. That means that most of your friends will be involved in the game.

The rules and aim 

Now it is time to get to know about the rules and aim of this party game for adults. As has been already mentioned, the rules are simple enough so you can easily check out them right now. Your and your friends` task is to choose one of 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards and complete the dare. However, the simplicity is not about the dares. These 166 drinking cards will make you do the craziest things in your life and be sure that not everyone will be ready to deal with all of them. Moreover, do not forget that this card game for parties is connected with drinks. That means your aim is not just to complete all the dares but also to stay alive and not to get drunk till the end of your party. “Brave or Drunk” is an amazing entertainment for those who want to check his or her courage and adventurousness and spend an exciting time with friends. 

Cards without drinking dares

Despite creating the most insane tasks ever Funday Monday decided to take care of their customers and added 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. They are the only opportunity for every player to have a rest from uninterrupted drinking. These cards have no drinking or mad dares. Moreover, they allow you to go to the toilet or to choose a player who will perform your task instead of you. Nevertheless, to win the game you need to score the highest amount of points which you can get only due to using the ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards.

Are you brave enough for it?

Are you sure that this popular game for adults is too simple for you? Well, if you can break your credit card or perform a twerk dance easily, it is so. However, “Brave or Drunk” is waiting for checking it!

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