One answer to many questions-Funday Monday

One answer to many questions

What time activity to choose for the lazy, rainy weekends or a holiday evening with the partner? How to make the common time useful and interesting at the same time? Which game is proper and easy to play during a long journey on the train? Probably, every couple has these and similar questions from time to time. And usually, people have no idea about ways of common leisure time. To forget about this problem once for all, Funday Monday suggests you try the best board game for couples the “Loopy” conversation starter. 

The game`s benefits

The first benefit of this card game for couples is that the “Loopy” conversation starter can help you and your partner to become closer and understand each other better due to communication. Because nowadays people usually do not have time even to ask their partners about their mood or how their day was. Another benefit is that the game is easy so you do not have to keep in mind a lot of information about its rules. Also, it allows you to pay more attention to each other, but not to the game. And the other one is that you can concentrate on your partner, discover a lot about his or her dreams and wishes and the “Loopy” conversation starter allows you to understand even your partner`s inner world.

The box`s contents

As it has been already mentioned, the rules of the “Loopy” conversation starter are simple to learn. There are only a couple of things you need to play this communication game for couples and they are the box of the “Loopy” conversation starter, your partner, and your common wish to get to know each other. In addition, you can get the best result of playing the game, if you get rid of everything that can interrupt your game or take away your attention. So there are 210 cards that contain 210 provocative questions. These questions are divided into 3 categories: about you, your partner, and your couple. All the tasks and their design are created by experienced psychologists, which makes playing the game not only exciting but useful too. 

Date in a box 

The “Loopy” conversation starter is a great idea both for an ordinary evening and for a date night. All you need to make the process even more pleasant is preparing everything for a date and creating a romantic atmosphere due to your partner’s preferences. And of course, do not forget to take this date game for couples. Moreover, it can become an amazing present for your partner for every holiday, such as New Year, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and others.

Time for decisions!

You have already heard a lot about the “Loopy” conversation starter, so it is time to decide what to do. You know, there are a lot of benefits of this couple activity, but it is better to check it by yourself. You can continue puzzling over the presents or just an activity to play with your partner or do not waste time anymore and get a card game for couples, an unforgettable present, and your common memories in one box. 

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