Modern entertainments for the parties-Funday Monday

Modern entertainments for the parties

It is usually hard to amuse our society, especially when it comes to entertainments. Life moves on and everyday people create more and more ways to cheer up themselves and others. By the way, it is extra hard to figure out any interesting activities for the party, particularly, when you do not have enough time to concern on it. For these reasons, Funday Monday created funny adult game ‘Brave or Drunk’.

A pack of entertainment

‘Brave or Drunk’ is a drinking card game that is ready to change your perception of entertainments during the parties. You can think that it is just another do or drink game with the most primitive tasks, but you are right of the mark. And here are some benefits of this game. One of them is that you do not need to waste your time neither for creating the tasks nor for learning the rules. Also you are able to play ‘Brave or Drunk’ with your friends wherever you would like to do it without any unnecessary stuff: only your company, drinks and a pack of 166 “Time to Be Brave” cards with the craziest dares, which will make all of you complete the tasks and do the strangest, but the funniest things. In addition, they bring unusual emotions and let you check your and your friends’ courage. Have you ever thought that you can complete such insane dares as ‘record a story for Instagram, and burn in it’ or ‘drink a shot like a dog’, or you are not bold enough to complete it?

50 chances to take a breath

Nevertheless, Funday Monday does not want to get you drunk, so the creators also invented 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. They are your 50 chances to take a breath from drinking for a while and not to go out of the game. Therefore, every one of you can use one of them if it is necessary to stay alive until the end of the party. By the way, do not use them too much, because the game will become boring (and the cards for the rest can come to the end quickly).

Difficulty levels and their function 

Another important thing to be mentioned is that ‘Brave or Drunk’ has 4 difficulty levels and from level to level the dares become more and more harder to cope with. Nonetheless, the hardest levels can give you fantastic memories and even push you closer to the victory. It is easy to guess that the winner is a person with the highest amount of points and who will get a prize for his or her bravery. For what concerns the prize, it can be free drinks (due to Funday Monday’s proposition) or whatever you want to choose. Maybe your choice will make the game even more exciting.

Simple but memorable

To sum up, ‘Brave or Drunk’ is the best drinking card game for those who does not want to waste any time to prepare the entertainments for the party, but at the same time want to make it memorable one. Equally as important is opportunity to enjoy incredible time with your family and friend and to create a lot of unforgettable memories together. In addition, this game helps to know each other better and to see your friends’ level of craziness.

Do you still hesitate about it? Just try it!

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