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Misunderstanding = a lack of communication

The misunderstanding has already destroyed many relationships. There are many reasons for this common problem, but the main one is a lack of communication. It is caused by the development of social media and its overusing. People prefer chatting to talking and it is comfortable in many cases. By the way, when we talk about relationships it can be a bit harmful. People begin using their phones so often that they usually even do not note things and people who are around them. To avoid such a problem you have to find the right solution to this problem.

Right ways of communication

As it has been already mentioned, the problem is that people cannot find the right ways to communicate with each other. They usually ask so primitive things as ‘How was your day?’ or ‘What are your plans for tomorrow?’, but it is not enough to get to know about one`s feelings and emotions. Moreover, people usually are not able to listen to their partners and do not pay attention to many important things. So if you want to change your relationships for the better and learn to talk and listen to your partner, here is the solution to this problem.

Start and talk game

The name of the solution is the “Loopy” conversation starter. This couple card game is created by Funday Monday to give people an opportunity to spend their time together and start talking to each other. During playing the couple game for communication people can discover a lot of new about their partners and all the knowledge will help them to build durable, long-term relationships. This couples` communication game also allows knowing many details, which can even help to understand the partners` behavior. Furthermore, the “Loopy” conversation starter is a funny and useful way of communicating and discovering each other. Of course, you can resort to the psychologies, but it is much more interesting to understand your common problems and to resolve them while playing fun and romantic game for couples

Box of communication

The “Loopy” conversation starter is marked by its ease of use because you do not need unnecessary stuff. All you need for playing this couples game is 210 couple conversation cards, which are already in the box. These cards contain 210 questions and each of them is connected with your relationships. That is how the game allows playing and talking at the same time. Moreover, the cards are divided into 3 categories and also contain questions about yourself and your relationships. 

Game for every couple 

There are a lot of advantages of the “Loopy” conversation starter and another one is that the game is applicable both for couples who just have started to date and married couples. Experienced relationship psychologists have paid enough attention to make this adult couple game applicable to everyone. This characteristic makes the “Loopy” conversation starter the most unique and useful game for every couple, who would like to change or just improve their relationships.

Become the happy owner of happy relationships

There is a lot of information about the “Loopy” conversation starter that can be added, but nothing can be better than to check it by yourself. Even while you are reading this article many couples have already begun developing their relationships. Do not miss a minute and become one of the happy owners of the game!

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