Fun game for adults-Funday Monday

Fun game for adults

Nowadays there are so many kinds if different entertainments that it is usually so hard to choose something special for yourself. Moreover, when it comes to having fun with friends. If you and your company think that, you have tried all the fun activities for adults and parties you are wrong for sure. The most exciting things to have the best party ever and to spend unforgettable common time with your friends are games for adults. And to play them you have only choose the most applicable for you. However, if do not want spend your time for searching the Net or if you have spent all night looking for something interesting and fun you can stop your searching. Here is the best adult party game ever, which is created by Funday Monday. The name of their creation is “Brave or Drunk”. Funday Monday has put many efforts to make this card game the most exciting activity for your party. And now you can get to know about it more and measure their results.

All the benefits 

To make “Brave or Drunk” one of the greatest drinking party game for adults, Funday Monday combine most of the benefits of all the drinking games and put them into the game box. At first sight this card game for adults seems to be the simplest and the most ordinary party game. However, it is true only about the rules of the game. In truth, they are understandable, so you will not pay a lot of attention for learning them. The same cannot be said for the dares but you will get to know about the a bit later. Another advantage of the fun card game is its mobility. You can play “Brave or Drunk” everywhere you want because you will not need any accessory stuff except for the cards. By the way, do not forget to take drinks. 

Complete the dare and check your courage

Before getting to know about the dares let`s check out the rules. Your task is to take one of 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards and complete the dare. You can also choose the dare`s level of the difficulty. There are 4 of them but the crazy tasks begin from the first one. Be ready to use all your courage to deal with every dare. However, Funday Monday has done their best to create the most insane, ridiculous, provocative, strangest tasks ever. Be sure that their crew has done their work well enough. And your task is to check it together with your friends!

The only opportunity to stay alive

If you still doubt that this drinking card game for adults keep in mind that the creators also added 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards can become you’re the only opportunity to stay alive till the end of the party or at least the game. Their specialty is that there are no drinking dares. They allow you to go to the toilet or choose someone who will perform the task instead of you or any other ways to avoid drinking. However, if ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards can help you to score points and win this fun game for adults, you will not get any score for competing ‘Time to Take a Break’ tasks.

The box of funny moments

Except for the insane party, this fun adult card game can give you and your friends a lot of funny moments, incredible emotions and unforgettable common memories. So if you are ready to have a great fun with your friends, do not miss a minute and order these drinking cards!

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