Fun card game for your party-Funday Monday

Fun card game for your party

You have exactly ever heard about different kinds of fun card games for parties. However, have you ever thought that one of them can become the best entertainment for your party with friends? If you hesitate about it, Funday Monday is ready to change your mind. Why so? Well, the Funday Monday crew spent enough time creating the best adult party game ever. The name of this drinking game is “Brave or Drunk” and it is already ready to show you all the benefits of do or drink card games.

Some of the benefits

“Brave or Drunk” is one of the most popular drinking party games and now you will get to know why. First, this card game has easy rules, so you do not need to explain them to your friends. It is an important benefit for the drinking games at all. Because it is usually too hard to explain the rules to a crowd of people even if they are your friends. Do not forget that only up to 16 people can participate in the game. Nevertheless, rules are made to be broken, so if you can easily organize playing more than 16 people at once, you are welcome. Second, drinking cards are easy to put into your pocket and take for any other party and everywhere you want. Third, this adult party game is connected with alcohol, so it is your opportunity to combine drinking, having fun, and playing the best drinking game ever.

All about the rules

Now it is time to get to know more about “Brave or Drunk” rules. As has been already mentioned, they are too simple. Your only task is to take one of 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards and just complete the dare. Sounds easy but you have to be ready for the craziest, most unusual, and insane dares ever. Moreover, there are 4 difficulty levels, so you can easily test your and your friends' courage. These cards are full of the most creative dares. Each dare will make you do the most ridiculous things in your life. However, maybe the drinks will help you forget about some of them.

Points scoring

If you think that you can choose only the simplest tasks and avoid the maddest of them, you are wrong. Of course, you can use them if you want to give up and lose the game. However, if you would like to become a winner, you have to take the craziest dare cards. Because the amount of points you score is equal to the difficulty level. That is why to win this adult fun game you have to put all your efforts to be the best one. Moreover, you can even get a prize for your bravery. Which one? It is better to decide together with your friends but Funday Monday suggests you chose drinks for free as a prize.

Opportunity to avoid drinking 

Except for the cards to get you drunk, Funday Monday has taken a pity of you and added 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. They are your opportunity to avoid drinking during all the party and even to stay alive till its end. However, do not forget that you will not get any points for these tasks.

Your first task

So if you are ready to have the best party ever your first task is to show your bravery and order this fun card game. And if you still hesitate about it, just check it by yourself!

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