Family game by Funday Monday-Funday Monday

Family game by Funday Monday

The best way to create the most memorable common moments for you and your kids is to spend amazing time together. Nevertheless, it is also important to make this time exciting and useful both for parents and for their children. Nowadays there are so many different family activities but it is usually too hard to find enough time for them. However, even you are the busiest person in the world you can easily spend time with your family at home while playing any one of the fun board games for families. The only thing you have to do is to choose the best board game for family. And to save your time Funday Monday decided not to find this family game but create it by themselves. Its name is “Cocky Coach” and now you have a chance to get to know more about this game.

Entertainment for everybody

“Cocky Coach” is an entertaining family card game, which can easily gather all your family members together. The age of the kids does not matter because the simple rules allow kids to take part in playing the game at once. Nevertheless, the elementary rules do not mean that this fun card game will be boring for the adults. On the contrary, “Cocky Coach” will quickly become your favorite way of spending leisure time with the family. Except for the simple rules, this family card game for kids and adults is unique due to its unusual task and now it is time to check out the rules.

Your only task

The rules are simple and now you can make sure of that. The only rule is to pick one of 100 story cards. There are 4 different topics for story-creating on each of the cards. Your task is to choose the topic and create a story or a joke. However, put all the efforts to make your story the funniest, most creative, and exciting, or even the rudest, trickiest, and most sarcastic one. In addition, there are also 25 cocky cards. Their task is to make you use the features, which these cards suggest to you. Remember that only your smartness and the cocky cards can help you to win this funny card game.

Party entertainment 

“Cocky Coach” is known as a game for the family game night but do not lose your chance to change it for the party game for families and involve your friends and their kids in playing it. You can be sure that “Cocky Coach” will become your friends` favorite party entertainment. This fun family game will bring you a lot of pleasant common memories and unforgettable emotions. Moreover, this card game will help your children to get such skills as communicating with others, skills in talking, and also develop their imagination, fantasy, creativity, and ability to make the most unexpected but original decisions.

Opportunity to change your evenings

Finally, you have to remember that your kids` childhood and your common memories demand of you only. You do not need much to spend amazing leisure time with your family but your kids will remember it for all their life. So if you want to change your habitual evenings for enjoyable moments of your life “Cocky Coach” is already ready to help you!

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