Family activities for the best weekends-Funday Monday

Family activities for the best weekends

Have you ever imagined your best weekends with your family? What you would like to do or how you prefer to spend time together? If it is so, you also have to think about different family activities and entertainments. For many centuries games for families and kids were the best way of spending time together and having fun with the family. However, nowadays there are so many different card games for families or family board games that it is really hard to find something worthy and exciting. Moreover, if you are looking for the best family game, this game has to be interested both for adults and for kids. As it is usually hard to find something interesting Funday Monday decided to create their version of funny card games. The name of their creation is “Cocky Coach”.

Simple rules, remarkable tasks

Among hundreds of family card games “Cocky Coach” differs by its simple rules, remarkable tasks, and mobility (you can take the box of “Cocky Coach” easily everywhere you want). The game has also many advantages but these three make the card game one of the most popular card games for families. Why? Well, first, parents usually waste a lot of time explaining the rules to their kids but the rules of “Cocky Coach” are easy to understand and remember, so you will not need to resemble them. Second, the tasks allow everybody to use their imagination, creativity, and fantasy, which makes playing the game much more exciting. Third, the box of this fun game for the family consists of the cards only. That is why you can play it both in the house and outdoors. Here can be added a lot about the benefits of the game but it is time to get to know about the rules.

About the rules

As has been already mentioned, the rules of “Cocky Coach” are simple. The only thing you need to do is to take one of 100 story cards. On the card, you see 4 different topics. Your task is to choose the topic and tell the joke or the story. Sounds easy but do not forget that your story has to be smart, creative, surprising, and tricky at the same time! Moreover, there are also 25 cocky cards, which are added to make playing this family card game for adults and kids even more exciting. There are different features on the cocky card and you have to use them while telling your story.

For kids

Playing card family games can be not only funny and interesting but useful too. First, “Cocky Coach” is an opportunity for every child to spend an amazing time with his or her family and friends. Moreover, they can also get a great portion of pleasant common memories with their nearest people from childhood. Except for the emotions, this kids' card game can teach them such important skills as communication, creating tricky answers for provocative questions, and witty and funny jokes. Besides “Cocky Coach” is the best way for kids to develop their imagination, fantasy, creativity, and so on while playing.

For adults

Furthermore, “Cocky Coach” brings fun not only for kids but also for their parents. The adults will also enjoy playing this card game for adults and families because the game can give them a rest from their adult duties and test their joke boundaries. Moreover, what can be more pleasant for parents than common leisure time with their kids?

Do not waste your time and order your box of entertainment for all the family!

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