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Entertainments are ready!

When you want to prepare a party, it makes perfect sense that you want everything to be excellent. By the way, frequently you do not have enough time to do it, because there are too much things to be born in mind like food, drinks, guests, decorations and so on. But people usually forget about entertainments, that have to be thought out too. However, Funday Monday has already taken care about it and created the best drinking game that can entertain you and your guests during the whole evening and even more. And the name of it is ‘Brave or Drunk’.

Why is it the best one?

Well, a little pack of 220 cards contains a lot of funny dares, ridiculous jokes and just tasks to make your party the maddest one. First, let’s learn the rules: take card and complete the task (and do not forget about drinks, because without them your game will not be so fresh-colored). That is all you need to know about playing this card drinking game. So you have just to take card and to do the dares. There are 166 of “Time to Be Brave” cards and they are created to make you do the craziest things in your life to get fun. It gives opportunity to you and your friends to score a full ride. Have your ever tried to drink from two glasses at the same time or to dance a twerk? ‘Brave or Drunk’ gives you a chance to try something new and to show your courage. Keep in mind that there are 4 difficulty levels and every level needs much more of bravery to cope with. And the amount of points, that you get during the game, can lead to the victory.

Straight to victory

To win ‘Brave or Drunk’ you do not have to do a lot, just complete the tasks, count your points and the person with the highest amount of them is a winner. Another thing to add is that your company has to decide what you are emulating for. It can be free drinks for the winner (as Funday Monday proposes it) or something more special for you and your friends.

Solution of weariness

Nevertheless, sometimes even the most challenging people give up, because they cannot continue drinking any more. For this reason, Funday Monday’s solution of this problem is 50 “Time to Take a Break” cards that give you an ability to avoid drinking and losing the game at the same time. Using them is fun too, but not so fun as using “Time to Be Brave” cards.

Family time

‘Brave or Drunk’ has been already mentioned as a party game for drinking. However, you do not have to wait for the party to play it. Just choose the game as an entertainment for the boring evening with your family! Let your relatives have fun with you and spend amazing time together! It is especially applicable during dull and endless quarantine evenings.

Less than 20 dollars to save your party

As you can see, there are many benefits of ‘Brave or Drunk’, but another one (that is important mostly for students) is its price. It is one of the best adult game under 20 dollars, so you will not waste a lot of money to get your portion of enjoyment. So if you do not want to lose your party up, take ‘Brave or Drunk” and start to check your courage.

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