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Entertainment for your party

To have the best party ever you have to prepare many things. And usually, while these preparation people usually forget about one of the most important parts of their parties – the entertainments. If you one of them it will be better for you to find the best adult party game and use it for your every party. However, if you are tired of the searching you can stop it because here is the most exciting drinking card game for adults. The game`s name is “Brave or Drunk” and it was invented by creative Funday Monday`s crew. This card drinking game is quite new but it has already become one of the funniest drinking activities. Think about making it your game for parties too.

The winner of every card games party

To understand why people prefer playing this card drinking game during their parties here are so of its main advantages. First, everything necessary for playing the game is already in the box (except for the drinks of course). You need to make time only for choosing drinks and gather your company. Second, the rules are the simplest one so you can learn them and explain to your friends easily. Third, this drinking board game is suitable for every party and it does not matter if it is your 21st birthday party or any themed party. Moreover, if you decide to organize a card games party you can be sure that “Brave or Drunk” will become a winner!

Explanation of the rules 

As has been already mentioned explanation of the rules will not take much of your time. The only rule you have to remember is to be brave enough to deal with the dares and stay alive till the end of the party. For what? Well, this adult drinking card game consists of 220 cards. 166 of these cards are ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards and their task is to change your mind about card games for drinking. These cards will make you complete the craziest, funniest, most ridiculous, and insane dares in your life. The drinking cards will check your and your friends` courage because only the most adventurous of you can deal with all of them and not get drunk at once. Moreover, the cards are divided into 4 difficulty levels and you can choose your courage level by yourself.

Score the points and win the game

However, Funday Monday also has taken care of and created the best way to make you complete most of the craziest tasks. In what way? Well, as you know there are 4 difficulty levels of cards to get you drunk. During playing this card game for parties, you can score the points to win the game. By the way, only the highest amount of points can lead to victory. Furthermore, you can choose a great prize for the winner to make playing this do or drink game the most interesting one. So what are you ready to do for the winning? 

Stop drinking for a while

Besides, if you feel that you cannot drink any more you can use one of 50 ‘Time to be Take a Break’ cards. These cards allow every player to stop drinking for a while but continue playing the game. However, there is a small detail about ‘Time to be Take a Break’ cards: you cannot score any points with them but they are your opportunity to have a rest for a while.

Now you can be sure that this fun party game for adults will become the best entertainment for every party. The only thing you have to do is to order “Brave or Drunk” and test your courage with your friends!
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