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Drinking game like a rescue for your party

Nowadays people cannot imagine their life without parties. However, every time it is more complicated to amaze guests by interesting and unusual activities. Therefore, to stop puzzle over entertainments or, what is even worse, to use your grandfather’s games, you should try drinking card games for adults party. And one of the best of them is “Brave or Drunk”.

220 cards of fun

Main advantages of this cool drinking game is that you can play it whether with some of your friends or with a large group of people (up to 16 participants). Besides you don’t need too much stuff, just exhilarated company, alcohol and a pack of 220 cards with 166 crazy and exceptional “Time to Be Brave” cards and 50 “Time to Take a Break” cards, which you can use every time you want, during the game. However, to get a great portion of facetious tasks, terrible jokes and incredible emotions, you have to be brave enough to complete the dare, which are divided into 4 levels. Therefore, it gives you a possibility to make a great competition with your friends. Let this fun adult game become a part of your party and it will make your night the coolest, craziest and unconventional one and turn your coat about the parties once for all!

By the way, even the most daredevil people from time to time need to have a rest. Due to this, they can use 1 of 50 “Time to Take a Break” cards that offer an opportunity to miss your drinking round and not to lose the game.

Who won?

As you know in every game there is a winner, and “Brave or Drunk” is not an exception. To know who a winner is, all players have to match how many tasks are completed, including their levels and those, who has most of them is a winner. The rules of “Brave or Drunk” propose drinks for free as a prize for your courage. Nevertheless, you and your friends can choose another one to make your game more exciting.

More than just a game

As it has been already mentioned, “Brave or Drunk” will definitely make your night full of unbelievable emotions. However, it also can help to create unforgettable memories, to make new friends, to discover hidden talents and to spend amazing night, which you will remember all your life. And you can also share such emotions with your friends, so “Brave or Drunk” can be the best gift for their party, birthday and so on.

Entertainment for many occasions

But why for parties with friends only? “Brave or Drunk” will add charm to your tedious night during the quarantine, wedding, office party with your colleagues or college party with your groupmates. In one word, place is not important, but the company and a wish to spend a great night.


In addition, what make “Brave or Drunk” so special? It is simplicity, unusualness and willing of Funday Monday, the creators, to make people laugh, do the craziest and funniest things, spend more time together and just to create memories with each other. Funday Monday is a young game-created group, which has already about a hundred of reviews about “Brave or Drunk” and thousands of followers. Funday Monday gives us an opportunity to take a fresh look at an entertainment.

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