Conversation starter for your leisure time-Funday Monday

Conversation starter for your leisure time

Nowadays people always try to spend a lot of time together especially during the weekends, because they are usually too busy on workdays and do not have time for anything else. Nevertheless, even the crowded schedule cannot obstruct people to communicate with each other and spend their leisure time together. By the way, you can make your and your partner`s free time not only interesting but useful. And you do not need too much stuff for it because Funday Monday has already taken care of it and invented the “Loopy” conversation starter.

Teach to talk and discover each other

Even based on the name you can easily guess that it is a 2 person game for couples and its main aim is to teach people to talk to each other and make their common time helpful for their relationships. It also helps to understand your partner`s and your behavior and discover a lot about his or her dreams and preferences. You can ask why you need to know so much about your partner and here is the answer. If you know your partner well, it will be much easier for you to understand why he or she likes and dislikes something. As a result, it also will help you to avoid quarreling, because it is too harmful to every relationship and the surfeit of it can lead to breaking up. 

The conversation`s quality is important

People usually pay much attention to communication, but they forget to think about the quality of their conversations and things they can discover. By the way, the “Loopy” conversation starter involves many questions for qualitative dialog. They help not to build the conversation at all, but also to make you feel and trust each other. This couple game for communication is your chance to start not only the conversation but trusting your partner. 

Check yourself and learn more

The “Loopy” conversation starter is a great learning card game for couples, which can change not your common leisure time only, but also your relationships at all. This game is unique due to its simple rules and various questions. Answering the questions allows you to check your knowledge about your partner and to find many things to talk about. The questions you cannot answer is your opportunity to discover many details about your partner that you have never thought about.

210 cards = 210 questions

As it has been already mentioned, the rules of the “Loopy” conversation starter are quite simple, but the same cannot be said about the 210 couple conversation cards. The questions from these cards are connected with relationships and aimed to become a useful game for your leisure time with your partner. Besides, these questions and their design were created by the clinic relationship psychologists who have paid a lot of effort to make the game both entertaining and practical. Moreover, the playing cards are divided into 3 categories and consist of questions for you to answer about yourself or your relationships at all. These categories are your opportunity to tell your partner about some of your emotions and feelings.

Start your way of improvement

Nevertheless, if you are ready to change your relationships and to start to listen and understand your partner, the “Loopy” conversation starter is the best way to do it easy, exciting, and useful. Hurry up and start your common way of improvement!

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