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Combined activities as a great idea for your leisure

Modern world demands a lot of power and energy to deal with all the tasks, which people have to do. Because of this, they usually do not have enough time to take care about the relatives and especially about the closed one or rather soulmates. Then it becomes the reason of arguing, scandals and even divorce. Therefore, to preclude it, people have to spend more time together and to have more combined activities during their leisure. The great idea for it is a card game for couples “Loopy” by Funday Monday.

The main aims of “Loopy”

Certainly, there are hundreds of couple’s games for adults, but “Loopy” is a special one .There are two main aims of “Loopy” game and they are to find out more about each other and to warm up and to bring some new and hot feelings into your relationships. This game will make you to change your perception about entertainments with your soulmate and to create great memories with each other. As a result, you will have the closest connection during the whole life.

The way to discover each other

Funday Monday proposes you to play this amazing game with your true love and to know each other better, as it has been already mentioned, but at first, let’s get to know more about the game. “Loopy” consists of some stuff and it is a playing board with an arrow and 150 cards with exciting tasks. These cards are divided into four groups and they are ‘Kisses’, ‘Talks’, ‘Fun activities’ and ‘Fondles’. You have just to spin the arrow, to choose what you want and to do it. Every task is created to make the evening one of the most memorable for you and your partner. However, both of you have to ready to discover the opposite, unknown side of each other. The playing board will make your game more interesting, but to get to know more about its function you can learn from the rules, which are also in the box. In addition, two luxury satin blindfolds are added, which can append much more emotions and sensations not only into your game, but also into your usual sexual life to vary it. 

Years do not matter

For playing “Loopy” it is does not matter how long you are together, but your wish to spice up your relationships. You can date for a month or be a married couple for many years, it is never too late to try something special and to spend a great time with your partner. This adult board game for couples is the best choice both for a dating couple to create close bonds and for married couple to refresh their couple hood due to uncommon tasks of “Loopy”, which are suitable for every type of couples.

A proper gift

By the way, “Loopy” can become a proper gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend or even a friends’ couple, because it gives an opportunity to make unforgettable date from every habitual and boring evening. Moreover, it is also a possibility to have fun, pleasant and useful time with your partner simultaneously.

Near 100 changed lives

To sum up, there are already near one hundred of happy Funday Monday’s clients, whose lives have changed for the better thanks to “Loopy” game. So do not waste your time, become one of them and improve your relationships!

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