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Change your party with a box of a card game

Have you ever thought that a box of any board or card game can change your way of having parties once for all? If you have not, it is time to get to know more about games for parties at all and make one of the most popular card games for adults the best activity for your common leisure time with friends. However, there are so many different fun party games that it can become great trouble for you to find the best one. To choose the proper and most exciting card game for adults you should take one of the top party games. Among thousands of fun games for adults “Brave or Drunk” by Funday Monday is a bestseller. Why? Well, here are some specifics of this adult card game.

The greatest combination

As it has been already mentioned “Brave or Drunk” is a party game for adults which consists of 220 playing cards and the rules only. However, you do not even need the rules because they are simple enough. It helps to save you time and strengths for learning and explaining them to your friends. Another benefit is that you can play this card game for parties easily everywhere you want because all the necessary is already in the box. The only thing you have to take care of is gathering your friends and buying drinks. This game is the best way to combine drinking, playing the best adult party game, and just having fun with your friends. 

The craziest dares for the bravest players 

It is time to check out the rules and get to know about the game more. This drinking card game consists of 220 playing cards. 166 of them are ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards. All you need to do is to pick the card and complete the task. It seems to be easy, although the cards include the most insane, exciting, ridiculous, funniest, and maddest dares you have ever met. These drinking cards will become a great test for your and your friends` courage. Moreover, the cards are divided into 4 difficulty levels. You can choose the level of your task y by yourself. Nevertheless, keep in mind that to win the game you have to be the most adventurous and daredevil player. 

Be brave and win the prize

You can become a winner only if you use all your courage to deal with all the dares. The level of the dares will give you points. The number of points will help you to identify the winner. Moreover, to make playing this drinking game even more interesting you can decide on the prize for the victory. Funday Monday suggest you free drinks for the winner but you can choose something for yourselves. Keep in mind that only the bravest one can get it!

Pleasant addition 

Except for the insane drinking dares Funday Monday decided to give you a chance to survive after this crazy game for adults. They added 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards, which allow you to avoid drinking and having a rest. It is the most creative way to allow the players to have a rest from drinking and continue the game at the same time. However, they do not give you any scores. It means that if you want to become a winner you cannot chill out for a long.

And here is a question for you: will you be brave or drunk after your next party?

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