Best card game for the family time-Funday Monday

Best card game for the family time

Have you ever thought about the best common leisure time with your family? For many years, family board games were the best way to spend interesting time with family. And now there are not so many changes. People still like to spend time together while playing different card games for families or fun board games. The only difference is the amount of these funny games. Nowadays you can find so many kinds of games for families that it can become a great trouble to find the best one. Lucky you that Funday Monday created the best family card game “Cocky Coach”. And now you can know about the game a little bit more.

Play and develop your skills

“Cocky Coach” is an exciting card game for families with many benefits. First, it is usually a great problem to explain the rules to the child. The rules of this funny card game are too simple, so you will not waste much time and strength to learn them with the child. Despite the simple rules, “Cocky Coach” is interesting both for kids and for their parents. In addition, you do not need any stuff to play the family game for kids and adults. Just take the cards and start the game! It is helpful if you decided to spend your weekends outdoors. Moreover, “Cocky Coach” helps to develop communication skills, imagination and even can make your and your kids` way of thinking more creative and tricky.

In the box

As it has been already mentioned, all you need for playing this fun game for family is in the box. You just have to learn the rules and start your “Cocky Coach” game. And about the rules, the only thing you have to do is to read the card and to create the funniest and wittiest joke. There are 100 story cards. And on each of them, there are 4 different topics to start with. Choose which one you like the most and use all the fantasy to make your story the most ridiculous one! In addition, there are 25 cocky cards, which are created to make you use different features for your jokes. Cocky cards can help you to win the game easily!

Great time and common memories

From all the specifics of this family game, one of the most important is that “Cocky Coach” is your chance to spend a great time with your nearest people, take the fun with them and create common memories with your kids. During playing this card game, you can also get to know more about your kids and even about yourself. This family card game is always the best idea for those, who do not like boring evenings and want to create something new all the time. “Cocky Coach” can easily discover the story-telling talent of all the members of the family. 

Get your best leisure time

If you one of those, who would like to forget about tedious evenings in front of the TV and create a lot of pleasant memories with your family, this card game for families will become the best idea for your leisure time. You have only to order the family game and enjoy playing it. “Cocky Coach” is ready to bring a lot of fun to you and your kids. And you have to be ready to start spending the most exciting family evenings ever!
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