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A modern unconventional entertainment for couples

It is usually too hard to amaze modern society with any unconventional entertainment, especially when it comes to your true love. People always try to choose or even create something special by themselves, but they rarely achieve the desired effect. Moreover, it can lead to quarrels because of incomprehension. However, Funday Monday decided to resolve this problem and created a bedroom game for couples “Loopy”.

Warm-up your feelings

“Loopy” is a board game for 2 adults, that can become your opportunity to spice up the relationships or even to save them. The main advantage of “Loopy” is that it helps you to get to know your partner better and to have an exciting activity at the same time. It combines your emotions and feelings, makes you use all your senses to understand not only your soulmate but yourself, too. Another special aspect is its simplicity. It helps you do not waste much time learning the rules. Just read them (they are in the box of “Loopy”) and start your game.

150 cards, 150 tasks

Another advantage is that you do not need to prepare anything to play it. Creators have already taken care of it and put everything needful in the box. The main of all the content is 150 playing cards. It means that there are 150 tasks to do with your partner. These tasks are divided into 4 groups, which give you the ability to choose what you need the most. It seems to be as difficulty levels in the game. The names of the groups are ‘Kisses’, ‘Talks’, ‘Fun activities’, ‘Fondles’ and also a special bonus deck is added. During the game, you have to pick up the cards, to do the task, and to enjoy every moment. 

Useful addition 

By the way, if you want to make your evening the most special one, you can also prepare the proper place and romantic atmosphere due to the preferences of your partner. However, Funday Monday also decided to do something to make your game even more exciting and added a playing board with an arrow and two luxury satin blindfolds. A playing board is created to make you do unusual steps during playing your best board game for couples. Another addition is useful to make the game a hot one. Conform to your imagination, feelings, and wishes to use the blindfolds properly.

Amend your relationships

Except for the hot feelings, be ready to talk a lot to your partner. Because “Loopy” game helps to lose inhibition, and as a result, helps to discover more and more about each other. “Loopy” is applicable for every couple and takes no notice of the age. It is never too later to amend your relationships properly and pleasantly. Moreover, you can often play “Loopy” and be sure that every time it helps to get to know something special. Nevertheless, besides the useful communication and interesting activity, you will get common unforgettable memories, which are also necessary for the relationships of the couple.

Buy and check

To learn more about the “Loopy” game and about its effectiveness you can read almost a hundred clients’ reviews. However, to make sure about it you can order the game and check it by yourself.

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