A fun activity for is invented-Funday Monday

A fun activity for is invented

Have you ever thought about the way to give the most unusual and memorable party? What do you need for that and how to avoid any regular and boring entertainment? Or maybe you have even tried to do it but everything went wrong? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, here is some good news for you. Funday Monday is a group of creators, who decided to invent a fun activity for adults and their parties. The name of the activity is “Brave or Drunk”.

Simple rules but unusual dares

“Brave or Drunk” is a simple card drinking game. You do not even need to read the rules to play this game: just choose a card and complete the dare. However, it is not as simple as it seems. The main specific of this game for drinking is its unusual dares. The creators have done their possible to make these dare the most hilarious, funny, and challenging things in your life. Even the name of this drinking activity warns you to prepare all your courage and be ready for the craziest things to do. Nevertheless, these dares are your best opportunity to have a great party with your friends and make them wait for your next one.

The content of the box 

You have already learned the rules, so it is time to know more about the content of the box if “Brave or Drunk” and about the game at all. The box of the crazy drinking game consists of 220 playing cards and a paper with the rules. Nevertheless, Funday Monday decided to make this game much more interesting than the other do or drink card games and divided them into two groups. The cards from the first group are ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards. There are 166 of them and it means that you and your friends have 166 chances to show your courage and having fun skills. Moreover, these cards are also divided into 4 levels of difficulty, so you can choose them due to your self-confidence. However, you have to remember that you can win the game only with the highest amount of points. And the highest amount you can get only if you can deal with the most hilarious, insane dares.

50 chances to survive

The second group of cards consists of 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards are your chance to survive during the game. They do not give you any points but they allow you to take a break from drinking for a while. After the pause, you can continue dealing with the crazy dares whenever you want.

Memories, friends, and "Brave or Drunk"

This cool drinking game is a great challenge even for the most adventurous people. However, this fun card game is also an amazing opportunity to spend an exciting time, create common memories with your friends, and even make some new friends. These drinking cards are easy to take everywhere you want, so they can be an interesting activity at the camp, at home, at your friend`s birthday. Just suggest your friends play it. They definitely will become fans of this most popular game for adults too!

The choice is yours 

You know a lot about this drinking activity now.  You can continue playing the regular party games or buy this drinking card game and change your and your friends` minds about the entertainment. The choice is yours.

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