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5 steps for an ideal party

1st step: company 

First, you need to find a company. It can be either two your nearest friends or a crowd of people, who you do not well enough or even members of your family. They just have to be adventurous and ready to spend the funniest evening in their lives. If you have already found them, you can move to the next step.

2nd step: entertainments 

Maybe the hardest one to deal with. Usually people do not pay enough attention to it and because of that use the primitive one or sometimes do not have any exciting entertainments at all, except the alcohol. But if the alcohol is present on your party, Funday Monday has already taken care about your activities and developed one of the best drinking games for adults and the name of it is ‘Brave or Drunk’. This card drinking game was invented to bring some incredible emotions into your life and to create unforgettable memories with your friends. ‘Drave or Drunk’ is the best choice for you party. First, it is consists of 220 cards only, so you do not need anything else to play it and also you can play it everywhere you would like. The rules of ‘Brave or Drunk’ are quite simple. All you need is to choose one of 166 “Time to Be Brave” cards and to complete the task. It seems to be too simple, but it is not all as easy as it sounds. The main reason of that is the dares. Those dares will make you and your friends do the craziest things in your lives. It will show how brave all of you are to wrest out every task. However, if it still sounds easy enough to do, keep in mind that there are 4 difficulty levels. By the way, ‘Brave or Drunk’ does not check your courage only, but also makes every party more interesting because of hilarious dares, funny or even terrible jokes and so on.

3rd step: take a break

Everybody knows about that period of the party, when people need to have a break to reboot themselves and to have a rest from everything, including the alcohol. For these reasons, Funday Monday also added 50 “Time to Take a Break” cards. They give you an opportunity to recreate from drinking and to continue playing this dare card game at the same time. If you fill, you are close to lose up the game, just take one of those cards and play.

4th step: prize for the winner

It is funny enough to play ‘Brave or Drunk’, but the game can become more exciting, if in the end of it the winner get a prize. Which one? Well, it is another story, because you can use your imagination and prepare a prize by yourself. Nevertheless, Funday Monday has already mention, that free drinks is a great prize for the bravery during this crazy drinking game.

5th step: get your cards

 ‘Brave or Drunk’ is already released so you can get it right now from Funday Monday’s website. So 220 cards of fun are waiting for you, but you have to be sure that you and your friends are ready to deal with them.

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