3 steps for dating and communication-Funday Monday

3 steps for dating and communication

Everybody knows that the best way to understand each other is through communication, especially when it comes to relationships. By the way, it is usually too hard to find some proper words even to start a dialog. To avoid such a situation you should know enough about your partner`s wishes, dreams, and preferences. However, you should find a way to learn them. To break this vicious circle Funday Monday invented a card game for couples that is ready to become one of the steps of your communication. And the name of the game is the “Loopy” conversation starter.

1st step: idea

The first step will need the most of your imagination and creativity because it is connected with the main idea of your surprise or date or any other way to start your communication and learning each other. You have to think over all the details and the things you know about your partner. It is necessary to choose the best place and way of spending your time during playing the couple game for communication. It should be comfortable, impressive, and romantic enough.

2nd step: preparation

The second step is connected with all the organizational aspects. After you have decided on the place, you have to decorate it due to the common theme of your date, for example. It will be also too pleasant for your partner if you add things that are connected with your couple only: your common interests, favorite films, jokes, or maybe even favorite cuisine. By the way, the best thing is to make the atmosphere the most relaxed and romantic. And do not forget to avoid everything that can deflect your attention from the conversation.

3rd step: dating activity

This step is about the “Loopy” conversation starter. It is the date game for couples. And all these preparations were mentioned to make the process of playing it the most exciting and useful. This couple game is aimed to improve your relationships, let you talk to each other, and just to spend an amazing time together. The “Loopy” conversation starter is consists of 210 cards with questions, which are connected with the relationships. And answering the questions will help you to understand each other better and even to uncover hidden details. Moreover, the questions are divided into 3 categories, so you can learn more also about yourself and your relationships at all. To sum up, the “Loopy” conversation starter is ready to make your date the most unforgettable one.

Not for dates only

Nevertheless, this couple game for him and her is applicable not only for date nights but also for a calm common evening. You can play the “Loopy” conversation starter every time you want to talk to each other and to make the conversation unconventional, but interesting and useful for your relationships. The couple communication game can change your image about your common leisure time. Moreover, it is also beneficial for people who have been in relationships for a long time. It can help them to check their and partners` knowledge about each other and allows them to learn something new.

Trusting relationships=communication

Finally, it does not matter how long you are dating or even married. It is always useful to keep warm and trusting relationships. And to reach it in a pleasant way you can try the “Loopy” conversation starter and change your relationships once and for all.

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