Your best game for the party-Funday Monday

Your best game for the party

Nowadays there are so many different kinds of board games that it is usually too hard to find the best one for you. Especially when it comes to the entertainment for your party. Everyone wants to make his or her party the most exciting one. However, to give the best party you have to prepare the best activity. To avoid looking for a fun party game for your company, here is the most popular card game for adults. The name of this party game is “Brave or Drunk”. It is an amazing card game for parties by Funday Monday. “Brave or Drunk” is ready to help you in having the best party ever, but first let`s get to know more about this game for adults

Box of cards to get you drunk

“Brave or Drunk” is an interesting party card game, which will bring you and your friends a lot of fun and pleasant emotions. This drinking card game differs from the other board game for parties by its simplicity. However, it is not only about the rules. You can also take a box of these 220 cards to get you drunk wherever you want easily. Why? Well, because you do not need any additional stuff or even a table to play it. The only things you need are the drinks and a crowd of your adventurous friends, who are ready to test their courage. So if you do not afraid to challenge your friends and even yourself and define your level of bravery, this box of dares will help you.

The craziest dares for the real daredevils

You can think that this card drinking game seems to be similar to the simple do or drink game. However, “Brave or Drunk” has many differences. First, there are already 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards, which contain 166, the funniest craziest tasks, and funny pranks for adultsThese cards definitely will become a great challenge for everyone. If you are worried that the dares will be too easy, there are 4 difficulty levels for you. Just choose the hardest level and complete the task, but first, you need to deal at least with the simplest one. However, if you are a real daredevil and can easily complete the hardest tasks, you will score the highest number of points for courage. The points you need to decide for the winner at the end of the game. And the winner will get a pleasant prize for your bravery. Which one? Well, Funday Monday suggests you make drinks for free for the winner. Nevertheless, you can use your imagination and choose something special for you and your friends.

Important supplementary cards

Another important difference from the dare or drink games is that there are 50 supplementary ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. Their task is to save you from getting drunk and allow you to have a rest from drinking at all. To use them you have just to pick them instead of the ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards and complete one of their pleasant tasks such as an opportunity to go to the toilet and so on. However, keep in mind that they give you no points at all.

Get your common memories with “Brave or Drunk”

Except for the opportunity to get drunk “Brave or Drunk” is also your chance to spend an unforgettable time with your friends, create amazing common memories and just have a rest for your boring daily life. So do not waste your time and start testing your courage and winning the prize!

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