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Time to choose the best drinking game

What do you know about drinking card games for parties at all? Of course, you have heard a lot about them. However, are you sure that you know enough to get the right impression of them? The first problem is usually to choose the best game for you and your friends. Nevertheless, Funday Monday decided to create by themselves and get the best drinking game ever. Their creation is “Brave or Drunk”. And let`s make certain of it.

Rules and design

“Brave or Drunk” has some benefits and drawbacks just as every card game. The first thing to start with is its simple rules and good-looking design. The rules sound too simple: all you need to do is to choose a card, drink, and complete the task. But it will more about the tasks a little bit later. Nevertheless, you do not need to spend your time learning the rules and explaining them to your friends. Just take your card and start the game. And the design of the cards and even of the box of “Brave or Drunk” is simple but pleasant. It makes the process of playing the drinking game even more pleasant. 

Cards and dares

You have already known about the rules, so it is time to know more about the cards and dares. There are 220 cards in the box of “Brave or Drunk” and 166 of them are connected with the craziest dares. The cards will make you do the most insane things in your life and also allow you to check your courage and identify the craziest and bravest among your friends. The name of these cards is ‘Time to Be Brave’ and they are divided into 4 levels of difficulty to make this do or drink card game more exciting. Nevertheless, you can also score points for your courage and you will need them at the end of the game to decide the winner. 

Enjoy playing with breaks

If you are good at Math, you have to notice that there are some cards left. There are 50 of them and their name is ‘Time to Take a Break’. These cards were added by Funday Monday to allow everyone not to drink themselves to death but enjoy playing the drinking card game and funny moments. Be sure there will be many of them while playing “Brave or Drunk”.

Take and go

There are around a hundred satisfied clients who have already tried “Brave or Drunk” with their friends. Of course, they have told many of their hilarious stories but they also have added that this fun drinking game is easy to take everywhere you want. You can even put the cards in your pocket and take them with you every time and everywhere. By the way, the greatest benefit of “Brave or Drunk” is that you can create many funny stories, crazy jokes and just spend an amazing time together. The pack of cards is your best way to create unforgettable memories with your friends.

Moreover, there is a great discount on the website for Funday Monday so you can save some of your money if you buy the game right now. 

The only drawback

The only drawback that can be found is that you have not ordered this game for parties yet. 220 cards with the craziest dare have been already waiting to change your parties forever!

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