The secret ingredient of the best party-Funday Monday

The secret ingredient of the best party

Likely, you have ever heard about adult games for parties, but you were not sure that they are interested enough to become a part of your party. Nowadays there are so many different drinking games, that it is too hard to choose something noteworthy. Nevertheless, lucky you that you have found this article with the secret ingredient of the best party ever. This ingredient was created by Funday Monday and the name of it is “Brave or Drunk”.

Entertainment for everyone 

“Brave or Drunk” is a unique fun party game. It was invented to allow people to make their parties funny and exciting. First, this game is both for parties of your 3 nearest friends or a crowd of 16 people. So you do not have to worry about any other entertainment. Second, “Brave or Drunk” is aimed to team up every one of your friends and make all of you closer. Last but not the least, this game is easy to take everywhere you want because you do not need much stuff to play it.

About the game

One of the benefits of “Brave or Drunk” is that you will not waste time learning the rules. This drinking card game consists of 220 cards with different tasks. 166 of them are ‘Time to be brave’ cards and they aim to check your and your friends` courage. They are divided into 4 levels of difficulty and the tasks of every level are more tricky and insane. Moreover, you can score the most of all the points only if you choose the most daredevil and strangest tasks. Keep in mind that only the craziest and the most hilarious tasks can lead you to victory.

Play and win 

Except for the incredible emotions at the end of “Brave or Drunk” the bravest player can get a pleasant prize. The creators suggest drinks for free for the winner but you can choose something special for your company. Nevertheless, the presence of the prize will help you to be brave enough to get it.

Chance for recovering

This dare card game is a great challenge even for the bravest players and even they should have a rest to stay alive till the end of the party. That is why Funday Monday also added 50 ‘Time to take a break’ cards. These cards have easy tasks that allow you to avoid drinking and recover your strength to continue scoring your points.

21st birthday party game

“Brave or Drunk” is a great idea for every party. If it is your friend`s 21st birthday party, you can help him to have not only the best party ever but also unforgettable memories for every member of the company. Completing the tasks brings you together or even allows know more about each other. Happy guests, amazing memories and interesting entertainment is the best present for everyone. That is why “Brave or Drunk” is the best birthday party game for adults.

Check your courage

To sum up, “Brave or Drunk” is ready to refresh every party and become the best entertainment. Moreover, there are so many challenging, crazy, and exciting tasks that you cannot complete all of them in one night, can you? If you doubt, just buy “Brave or Drunk” for your party and check it by yourself!

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