The reason for the creation-Funday Monday

The reason for the creation

In the modern world, there are thousands of different types of entertainment. Card and board games take not the least place among them. By the way, there are many sorts of games and each of them was created for special reasons. The main reason for the creation of “Loopy” (an adult board game for couples) is a lack of mutual understanding between couples during their relationships. Funday Monday (the creators) noticed that because of these and some other reasons people break up with each other, so creators decided to allow them to change something.

The main problems of the relationships

To understand better the reason for the creation of this game for couples to play and its aim, it is important to investigate it. A lack of mutual understanding, like some other problems, is visible only after a certain period. At first, people usually do not take care of it because they have just fallen in love. However, some time passes and they begin to admit that they cannot reach a common ground together. Another problem is a lack of communication. People often do not make enough time for conversations with each other and it also leads to misunderstanding. Last but not least problem is a lack of common memories. The memories are what exactly makes a connection between two unique people.

How does the “Loopy” game work?

First, the “Loopy” game is created to solve most of the problems, which people have during their relationships. This card game allows every couple to spend a lot of interesting and useful time together. If you decided to save your relationships this way, all you need to do is to start playing the game with your partner. The “Loopy” game consists of 150 cards with tasks, which are divided into 4 groups. They are ‘Kisses’, ‘Talks’, ‘Fun activities’, ‘Fondles’ and also a special bonus deck. Due to the names of the groups, it is easy to understand what the tasks will be connected with. The main rules are not only to take the card and to complete the task but also to trust your partner and be ready to confide in him or her. One of the other advantages of the “Loopy” game is that this game gives an ability to combine your communication and sex. 

In addition, there is a pleasant present in the box of the “Loopy”. There is a playing board with an arrow and two luxury satin blindfolds. All this stuff is added to make your game the most exciting one and about the way of using it, you can get to know from the instruction that is also in the box.

Exciting game and romantic gift in one box

The “Loopy” game can become not only a great way to spend some time with your partner but also an impressive and romantic gift. Such a present can help you to amaze your partner and to show your wish to improve your relationships and to get to know more about him or her.

Your relationships are in your hands only

Many advantages of the “Loopy” game have been already mentioned, so to sum up we can add that your relationships are in your hands only. Do not be afraid to change your beaten track for something unusual, exciting, and even inspiring. There are already almost a hundred happy clients. So hurry up and become one of them!

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