The most popular game for adults-Funday Monday

The most popular game for adults

Nowadays it is hard to find someone who does not like parties at all. Parties are usually a great way to spend time with friends and chill out with them especially after a hard-working week. Nevertheless, to have a good time there have to be interesting activities and exciting things to do. Those who do not want to waste a lot of time creating the entertainment usually suggest to play do or drink game. However, this game tires quickly and people become glued to their phones. To avoid it and keep the entertainment exciting for everyone Funday Monday invented an amazing solution to this problem. They suggest you try one of the most popular games for adults “Brave or Drunk”.

The upgraded version of a simple dare or drink card game

At first “Bravo or Drunk” seems to be a simple dare or drink card game. Nevertheless, it is a much more interesting, exhilarating game for parties. Actually, a regular do it or drink game was taken as a basis for creating “Brave or Drunk”. Although, this adult drinking game differs from the others due to its already invented ideas for dares. In other words, you do need to make up any tasks and waste time for it or whatever because it is already made by Funday Monday. The tasks are written on the cards and the only thing you have to do is to read the tasks and use all of your courage to complete them.

166 courage-checking cards

The rules of “Brave or Drunk” are easy but the same cannot be said about the tasks. There are 220 playing cards and 166 of them are ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards. Even the name of these cards sounds like a challenge! These cards include 166 the most insane tasks to complete. This card drinking game is a real competition for every guest at the party. Besides up to 16 people can play at the same time, so you do not have to invent any other entertainment. Moreover, only the bravest of you can cope with all the tasks of these dare cards for party. Be ready to drink from two glasses or even to crazier things. Moreover, the tasks are divided into 4 levels of difficulty, so do not figure on to complete all of them. If you are still so sure that you can deal with them easily, just be brave enough to buy this crazy game for adults.

Rest from drinking

However, if you are ready to buy this cool drinking game you have to know that the creators also decided to add 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards allow you to pause drinking whenever you want. The tasks of these cards are much easier, but they are not connected with drinking. So they are your chance to take a break for a while and continue completing the crazy tasks with renewed vigor. 

Just order to start your drinking competition

Actually, if you are ready to check your and your friends` courage now, you can order “Brave or Drunk” and get it at a pleasant discount. So do not waste your time anymore and start your drinking competition with this cool drinking game!

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