The best idea for your 21st birthday-Funday Monday

The best idea for your 21st birthday

The best idea for celebrating your 21st birthday is to give a great birthday party and gather all your friends. Nevertheless, you have also to prepare a lot of things such as drinks, food, and entertainment. The entertainments are usually the hardest thing to prepare because you have to take care of all the guests and be sure that they are satisfied. And if you do not want to use the regular do or drink game, you can try the best 21st birthday party game by Funday Monday and the name of it is “Brave or Drunk”.

220 cards and alcohol only

“Brave or Drunk” was created to give people a funny party game. It also allows them to refresh their parties at all. It is a drinking card game for adults` party, which is ready to change your mind about party games. “Brave or Drunk” is a box of 220 playing cards. The only supplementary stuff you need is a group of your friends and alcoholic drinks. Besides, there are many players who have already played this game. And they admitted that “Brave or Drunk” is interesting even without drinks. However, it is hard to imagine any 21st birthday party without drinks. Furthermore, the drinks make playing the drinking game even more exciting and funny.

Specifics of the game

So why “Brave or Drunk” is a special game for drinking? At the first glance, it seems to be the simplest dare game but here are some specifics of it. First, the dares are already created and written on the 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards. Due to the name of the cards, it is easy to understand that the dares will demand your courage to cope with them. Moreover, they are divided into 4 levels of difficulty, so be ready for the most insane things to do or to get drunk. Every task can become a great challenge for every one of you. Nevertheless, if you want to check your bravery and give the most hilarious and memorable party ever these 166 dares will be the best party activity. Second, opposed to the other card drinking games “Brave or Drunk” allows you to involve up to 16 players in the game. It means most of your guests will be excited by the game, so you do not need any other entertainment for them.

Rest from drinking

In addition, there are also 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards, which allow you to have a rest from drinking. These cards have already saved many players from getting drunk and helped them to stay alive till the end of the game. Their singularity is that they are your chance to avoid drinking and continue the game. 

Score points and win

Last but not least pleasant addition is your opportunity to be the bravest of your friends and even get a prize for it. All you have to do for it is to have enough courage to deal with every the hardest dare. You have to score points and those who have the most of them is a winner. The amount of the points depend on the level of the card you choose. And to make a great competition you have to decide about the prize before the game.

Get a box of an unforgettable birthday party

This amazing box of drinking cards is ready to become a part of your party right now! If you are ready to give an unforgettable birthday party with your friends, do not lose your chance to get this drinking card game and start the funniest drinking competition ever!

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