New kind of activity for every couple-Funday Monday

New kind of activity for every couple

The modern world suggests so many kinds of entertainment, that it is usually too hard to choose something interesting. Especially, when it comes to couples activities. Because of that, people prefer to invent entertainment by themselves. By the way, these entertainments are mostly connected with watching TV or taking a walk. The main problem is that they are not a bit of use. That`s why Funday Monday decided to create an exciting and useful activity for every couple. And the name of this activity for couples is the "Loopy" conversation starter.

Discover each other by yourselves

The "Loopy" conversation starter is already ready to change your couple's relationships and improve your common ground because it can help you to live a happily common life together just if both of you understand the wishes and preferences of each other. Of course, you can reach this by visiting the psychologist, but it is much more interesting to discover you and your partner by yourselves. This communication game for couples allows every couple to strengthen their bond during playing it. This way of activity also allows getting to know each other while playing, which makes your common leisure time interesting and useful at the same time.

210 cards for common activity

The "Loopy" conversation starter differs from other couple card games by its simple rules and contains 210 cards with questions only, so you can take it everywhere you want. The question cards are divided into 3 categories, which allows you to discover more about yourself, but not your partner only. Every card is marked due to the name of the category and all you need is to choose the card and answer the question. Be ready that the questions will be the most unexpected and provocative! By the way, your wish to discover each other will make playing the couple game your favorite type of common activities.

30 minutes or the whole night

Playing the "Loopy" conversation starter is proper even if you do not have enough time to spend together. Only half an hour a day before both of you go out for work can lead to discussing the game during the way or telling funny stories to each other. If you decided to play it in the evening, be ready that your game can take longer and you will spend the whole night playing it and talking to each other. 

Dating game

Besides, the "Loopy" conversation starter can become not only the best game for couples but also a great activity during your date. If you are tired of the customary dates, the "Loopy" conversation starter is ready to change your date and to give you emotions and common memories. The game will help you to spend an amazing time and give you a lot of new topics to talk about. 

Start and talk

If you want to make your relationships the best ones, do not be scared of changes. And the "Loopy" conversation starter is ready to help you to grow closer to each other. Just let these 210 couple conversation cards become a part of your leisure time and use them every time you want to start talking to your partner or get to know about him or her more.

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