Ideas for do or drink game-Funday Monday

Ideas for do or drink game

There is no party at all without any entertainment. And the most popular drinking game for parties is do or drink game. However, you have to make up the tasks by yourself and the game becomes boring soon because of the lack of ideas. Nevertheless, this common problem of every party has already been solved by Funday Monday who created the best drinking card game, which is proper for every party with no exceptions. Its name is “Brave or Drunk”.

Tasks for do or drink game are ready

The main difference between “Brave or Drunk” and any other do or drink card games is that the tasks are made up already so you do need to wrestle with inventing them. This means that you have more time to spend with your friends without worrying about entertainment for them. The tasks are so funny, crazy, and unconventional that you will not have to feel bored. Moreover, they need a lot of your bravery to deal with all of them. This cool drinking game is a great chance to have a competition with your friends and check their courage and drinking skills. 

One rule and 220 cards

At all this fun game for adults is very popular among those, who adore parties and cannot imagine even a week without them. “Brave or Drunk” attracts people with its simple rules, exciting tasks, and ability to take the card game everywhere you want. The only rule you have to remember to play this dare or drink card game is to take a card and stay brave enough to complete it. Moreover, the box of “Brave or Drunk” consists of 220 playing cards, and 166 of them are already ready to refresh your concept of party entertainment. These ‘Time to Be Brave’ come with 166 crazy tasks and 166 chances to score the highest amount of points among your friends. There are 4 levels of difficulty but you can get the most of them only if you complete the hardest and craziest tasks. And at the end of the game, you have to count your points to identify the winner. To make playing this party drinking game you can also decide about the prize for the winner. It can be everything you want. Just choose and start your competition for it!

Play and rest

However, to avoid the reanimation of your friends because of getting drunk Funday Monday also added 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. Their aim is to allow you to continue playing “Brave or Drunk” and pause drinking for a while at the same time. To win a prize you have to be not only the bravest but also the strongest one. Nevertheless, if you decide to have a rest, ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards are ready to help you.

Take your chance

Another thing to be mentioned that “Brave or Drunk” is not only the regular kind of games for drinking. This fun adult card game can bring you a lot of inexpressible emotions, unforgettable memories, and a great wish to spend more and more time together with your friends. These drinking cards make everybody communicate with each other, tell hilarious stories, and awful jokes. So do not miss your chance to have the best party ever. Moreover, Funday Monday makes a special present for you and you can buy the game for a pleasant price.

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