Have a rest from the routine with your family-Funday Monday

Have a rest from the routine with your family

Among the people`s everyday routine everyone needs to make time for their families and the nearest people. Moreover, people also have to remember about having rest and fun with them. Sometimes people do not have enough time and opportunity to go somewhere with their families. For these reasons, many fun games for families were created. They allow not only spending time with the family but also to have fun with them and even forget about your daily duties for a while. Nevertheless, you have to waste a lot of time to find something special and interesting. That is why Funday Monday decided to create their own card game for families. They name their invention “Cocky Coach”.

Creator`s main task

The creation of “Cocky Coach” has taken much time because Funday Monday wanted to invent something special. Their task was to combine the main features and benefits of games for families and kids and put them into the box of “Cocky Coach”. Moreover, they also had to make this families card game interesting and exciting both for adults and for kids. Nevertheless, they combined all of these benefits successfully and get the best card game ever. 

Rules, which save your time and nerves

One of the useful advantages of every family game for kids and adults is simple and understandable rules. It will save the parents` time and nerves and help children to be involved in the game at once. All you have to do is take one of 100 story cards. These cards include 4 different topics to start telling a story or creating a joke. And your task is to choose one of the topics and make your joke the funniest, trickiest, smartest, and so on. Except for the 100 story cards, there are also 25 cocky cards. These cocky cards are added to make you use special features to develop your imagination and properly change your joke. Cocky cards can suggest you make the joke funnier, crueler, more disgusting, or tenderer. Nevertheless, the features will be picked by the cards.

The game, which brings fun and teaches skills

“Cocky Coach” is a special fun family game due to its ability to bring fun and teach your kids and even you such important skills as communication, finding solutions to different situations easily, and also develop creativity, imagination, and joke-creating. Moreover, “Cocky Coach” is a chance to test or break your boundaries and become more confident in answering even the trickiest questions or jokes. Except for the important life skills, “Cocky Coach” can become the best game for family game night and bring you a lot of incredible emotions and pleasant common memories both for you and for your kids. 

Never annoy

There have been already mentioned many “Cocky Coach`s” benefits but here is another one. Unlike other family games, which annoy soon “Cocky Coach” will not be one of them. Because you have always created more and more jokes to continue the game. Moreover, do not forget that for playing this family conversation game you have to use all your fantasy to win it. 

The best idea for spending time together

To sum up, “Cocky Coach” is always the best idea for spending time together with your family. And if you want to spend it in an exciting and useful way this card game for families is ready to help you. Just order the game and start creating your jokes.
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