Forget about the boring parties-Funday Monday

Forget about the boring parties

If you are tired of usual, ordinary parties and have no idea how to make them interesting and exciting for everyone it is time to get to know more about fun party games. One of them can become the best activity for your company. However, if you do not puzzle out them well, here is one of the top party games for you. The name of this card game is “Brave or Drunk”. it is created by Funday Monday whose main task was to invent the best adult party game ever. They spent a lot of time creating the best dares and combining the most useful features of all the adult board games for parties. And now you can get to know more about their creation and decide if they coped with this task.

A great combination of important benefits 

“Brave or Drunk” is not just a simple fun card game but it is also a great combination of some important benefits. First, you do not need to waste time learning the rules because they are too simple. That means that you can start your game almost at once and not pay all your attention to the rules. Another benefit is that you can easily take this card game for drinking everywhere you want (for the rest at the camp, in the yard, or just to the other party). Due to the content of the box of this game for adults (220 playing cards only) you do not need any supplementary stuff or even the table. And last but not least is that this card game party is your chance to check your and your friends' courage in such an interesting way.

The craziest tasks are waiting for you

The rules of this alcohol game for adults are easy enough but let`s check out them to understand the game better. All you need to do is to choose a card and complete the task. There are 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards in the box and they are divided into 4 difficulty levels from the simplest to the hardest dares. Sounds like the chance to avoid completing the most insane tasks, does not it? Do not be so naive! Funday Monday has taken into account all the details and invented a great and simple way to make all the players at least try to complete the craziest tasks. They just added the points, which you can score after completing any of the tasks. And the harder the dare is, the more points you will get. Nevertheless, only you can decide if you are brave enough to deal with all the cards to get you drunk.

Let yourself a rest 

To make this brave or drunk game a bit more exciting and to allow all the players to stay alive till the end of the party (or at least the end of the game) Funday Monday also added 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards include 50 tasks, which let you have a rest, go to the toilet and avoid drinking. You can use them if you feel unwell and want to stop drinking but do not want to lose the game. The cards are ready to help you but they do not give any points to you. So you have to come back to the ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards as soon as possible.

Get your game and do not miss a discount 

If you are ready to get your portion of pleasant emotions, unforgettable memories, and just a pack of funny pranks for adultsBrave or Drunk” is just for you. Just gather your friends and find the bravest among all of you. Hurry up, order the best drinking game ever, and do not miss a pleasant discount!

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