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Entertainments by fun creators

It is hard to imagine modern society without parties. They have already become a fixture in everyone’s life. Because of that, it is also much more complicated to surprise the guests with unusual entertainments. So if your imagination is over, you have already tried every weird idea from the internet, and even used your grandfather`s games for parties, it is time to stop mocking your friends and to turn to the master of creation of fun. And it is Funday Monday, who have already taken care of your party and invented the best adult party game “Brave or Drunk”.

Unique and exciting

Before an explanation of the rules, it is better to tell a few words about this card drinking game. First, “Brave or Drunk” was created to become the greatest part of every party. The game allows people to communicate, to laugh, to relax with the friend, to do insane tasks and so forth at the same time. The main problem of modern parties is that they are usually too similar to each other. Nowadays it is almost unreal to amaze anybody by the card game. Nevertheless “Brave or Drunk” is ready not only to help you to give the most exciting party but also to create common memories with your friends.

Courage checking

One of the other advantages of “Brave or Drunk” is that the rules of the game are too simple, so you do not need a lot of time to explain them to your friends. Your task is to take a “Time to Be Brave” card and to complete a dare. The pack of “Brave or Drunk” contains 220 cards, but only 166 of them are “Time to Be Brave” cards (assignment of the last 50 will be explained a little bit later). Sounds easy, but you will need a lot of courage to do all of them. Moreover, there are 4 difficulty levels, and each of them is more and more insane, but also funnier and more exciting. Do not forget to prepare enough drinks to make your game the craziest one. So be ready to check your and your friends' bravery or to get drunk!

Rest cards

It is time to tell about the 50 cards, the name of them is “Time to Take a Break” cards, and they aim to allow every player to have a rest from drinking. You also have to complete the tasks, which are written on the cards, but the main difference from “Time to Be Brave” cards is that you do not need to drink or they can even make another player perform the task instead of you.

Fun game and a great gift

“Brave or Drunk” is not only a fun drinking game, but it also can become a useful and uncommon gift for everyone. Your friends will be happy to get the ability to spend time, to laugh, and to check their courage in such a way. And you can also get more common fun memories and many more things to talk about. Furthermore, the present like this will be particularly applicable during the boring quarantine nights.

Check it!

To be sure, that “Brave or Drunk” you can read about one hundred reviews of happy clients or even check by yourself and try it with your friends. Just gather them and buy the game! But hurry up and do not waste your opportunity to buy “Brave or Drunk” at a discount! 

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