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Best idea for your party

These days it is more and more complicated to amaze modern society by exiting and interesting entertainments, especially when it comes to birthday party, Christmas party with your friend and so on. Commonly during different parties people just drink, talk and dance to amuse themselves. More rarely they play games, which usually too outdated and stale and as a result tire soon. However, the best idea is to try something new, so ‘Brave or Drunk’, a drinking card game for adults, would be a great alternative.

Simple rules and challenging tasks

First, ‘Brave or Drunk’ is simple enough, so people do not need to waste time to learn the rules. They have just to take the card, to read the task and to complete it. It sounds easy, but the hardest thing is to be brave enough to do all of them. There are 166 “Time to Be Brave” cards and they are full of humorous dares, playful pranks and terrible, but ludicrous jokes. Furthermore, there are 4 difficulty levels, that gives everyone a possibility to assay his or her strength. Therefore, every player has to be adventurous to carry out all the challenges, because for completed tasks, players get points and the highest amount of the points can lead to the victory. By the way, Funday Monday, the creators, include every detail and understand well that people also would like to have a rest, but not to fail so they decided to create 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. The tasks of these cards are connected with having a rest from drinking, so everyone can use it and continue the game without the loss.

Drinks are required

So all you need for playing “Brave or Drunk’ is a company of joyful friends, cards with dares and drinks, because this is an alcohol drinking game, so the tasks are bound up with them. In addition, they help to switch off and to be more ridiculous, that is important to make the game process the most impressive one.

Every time and everywhere

There have been already mentioned a lot of advantages of ‘Brave or Drunk’ and it seems there is nothing to say, but another one of its benefits can be added. This game is too easy to take out wherever it is needed, because ‘Brave or Drunk’ consists of the cards only. So the place, where the company’s decided to have a party or just to spend a great time together, doesn’t matter at all. It is possible to play this adult drinking game in the house or outside of it, in the camp or during the picnic in the forest, in short, everywhere the company wants.

Reason of creation

‘Brave or Drunk’ is created to join people, to connect them by remarkable memories, to bring some fun in their lives and maybe even to make new friends. Funday Monday’s wish to make people know each other better and spend more time together, helped them to invent special and distinguished card drinking game for adults. They have already got about hundred of positive reviews from their satisfied clients. And to be sure of unicity of ‘Brave and Drunk’ you just have to buy it and start to challenge your and your friends’ courage.

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