An opportunity to change every party-Funday Monday

An opportunity to change every party

Nowadays there are so many different parties that it is so hard to amaze somebody with any entertainment. Sometimes parties seem to be so similar to each other, that they even become boring. However, there is not all is lost and you can still have the best party ever. All you have to do is to decide about exciting and unusual entertainments for your guests. And one of the popular board games for adults can become your opportunity to change your and others' minds about the modern parties at all. however, if you do not know which one to choose, here is the adult party game ever. Its card drinking game`s name is “Brave or Drunk”. It was created by Funday Monday who is the greatest specialist in having fun and bringing it to others.

Important things to know

The first thing you have to know about “Brave or Drunk” is a fun card game, which can make the funniest party even from the most boring night in your life. Moreover, you do need much for this: just a box of drinking game cards and from 3 up to 16 friends who are ready to spend an unforgettable time with you. However, the only thing you have to prepare is drinks, which will help you to enjoy playing this drinking game to the full. The second pleasant benefit is simple rules. It usually takes a lot of time to explain the rules of any adult party gameHowever, it is not about the “Brave or Drunk” rules. And last but not least is that you can play it everywhere you want (because you do not even need a table like the other fun party games).

The brave or drunk game rules 

Let`s check out the brave or drunk game rules. They are too simple: just choose a card and complete its dare. Sounds easy, does not it? However, the dares are not as light as it seems to be. This game for parties consists of 166 ‘Time to Be Brave’ cards, which include 166 the most insane, provocative, funniest, trickiest dares ever. They are created to check your and your friends’ courage by dealing with the maddest drinking dares in your life. Moreover, you have to show not only your bravery but also your strength and staying power. Because only the bravest and strongest of you can win the game.

How can you achieve victory?

Well, there is nothing special. Just complete the tasks and score points. However, do not forget that there are 4 difficulty levels and to score the most points you have to be brave and adventurous enough to deal with the hardest of them. At the end of playing this fun drinking game to decide the winner all of the players have just to count their points. Those who score the most of them become a winner and even can get a prize. By the way, you have to choose it before the game start to make your party game even more exciting.

50 cards for having a rest

And here is the last thing to be added. Except for the drinking cards, Funday Monday suggests you use one of 50 ‘Time to Take a Break’ cards. These cards aim to allow you to have a rest from drinking and continue the game at the same time. You can use them every time you want but they will not give you any points.

Now you know a lot about this popular board game for parties and to get to know more you can order and try it by yourself!

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