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A lucky chance to save the party

There are many parties every day all over the world, but lots of them are too dull and tiresome just because of the primitive entertainments. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your party up, you have to be ready with interesting activities. And to make them more exiting and memorable, you can combine them with alcohol. In this case, the best alcohol-drinking game ‘Brave or Drunk’ is ready to help you.

Let’s start it!

The first thing to start is the rules, but they would not take too much time, because they are the simplest one. So, like a pleasant advantage, you and your friends will not need to waste a lot of time to learn them. Just take a card and do the task. By the way, the name of this card game for drinking is self-explanatory, so it is clear that it is not all that simple. ‘Brave and Drunk’ is a lucky chance to save every party. It can give you many new, incomparable emotions that make your party unforgettable one. Because this drinking game contains of 166 cards with inimitable tasks, which need a lot of courage to be coped with. These are “Time to Be Brave” cards and they are divided into 4 difficulty levels. The dares of higher levels are more complicated, need more of your bravery and make you do the most insane things in your life. Thus, ‘Brave or Drunk’ is a great opportunity to check your and your friends courage and see what your company is made of. Honestly speaking, it is interesting even just to oversee the game, but not to participate.

“Time to Take a Break”

Everybody understands well that nobody is able to drink during the whole evening that is why Funday Monday, a group of creators, also added “Time to Take a Break” cards. You can use them wherever you want to have a rest from drinking. But it does not mean that you are out of the game. You just got the task, which does not connected with drinking.

Points and victory

However, let’s go back to the difficulty levels and what they are needed for. As it has been already mentioned, there are 4 of them and the number of the level is equal to the amount of points that you get. And in the end of the game every player have to sum up his or her points to decide on the winner. It is usual that every winner has to get a prize and ‘Brave or Drunk’ is not an exception. Funday Monday’s variation of the award is free drinks for the winner. Nevertheless, it is you game and your rules, so you and your friends can get fancy and choose something special by yourself.

What about a gift?

‘Brave or Drunk’ can be not just an exciting entertainment during the party, but also a great gift for your friends. It is your ability to bring some fun to every party of your friends and to make their lives a little bit more colorful, because it is easy to play it everywhere. All you need is a great company, drinks and 220 cards of fun.

‘Brave or Drunk” = communication

Sometimes it is too hard to say or to do something crazy, but ‘Brave or Drunk’ is created to make you do it and to spend the funniest time with your friends. What can be more pleasant than to communicate to your friends and to know them better during such an interesting activity as fun adult drinking game ‘Brave or drunk’? So if you are brave enough, 220 cards are waiting for you.

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